Finding Business Electricity Rates in Texas Is Easy

One of the many benefits to living in Texas is having the power to choose your energy provider. Thankfully for business owners and managers, energy choice also applies to businesses. No matter the size of your business, commercial electric rates can be a boost to your bottom line.

Many states have yet to open the business energy market to competition, leaving companies in those states with only the option of purchasing electricity from the local utility. In Texas, energy choice helps keep rates competitive, giving business energy customers a chance to get a plan that suits their business energy needs.

The difference between residential and commercial supply plans

While businesses are able to participate in energy choice, electric supply plans are slightly different. Read below to see the difference between residential and business electricity rates:

Learn how to enroll with business electricity rates

The payment and delivery of your business electricity rates is similar to that of residential customers. However, the process of shopping for electricity is different. Rather than entering a ZIP code and viewing rates, the best way to get a great rate is to call or fill out a short informational form. Next, business energy specialists will find a rate that best fits your commercial energy needs and contact you. This gives you a more customized transaction and streamlines the shopping process.

Support sustainability through renewable energy add-ons

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your business from the competition? More and more customers are showing support for businesses that display social and environmental responsibility. By purchasing a renewable energy add-on to your commercial electric plan, you can show customers that you care about your community and the shared environment. Many retailers will work with you to help you promote and celebrate your environmental commitment while building a positive image with your customers.

Explore your options for business electricity rates

Even though commercial energy shopping is different from the residential process, it is still important for business owners to consider their energy needs and take advantage of their power to choose. Business electricity rates are available in both fixed- and variable-rate options with a variety of contract lengths.

All plan types can be effective in contributing to savings, especially when combined with a few energy saving tips. However, it is important for business owners to understand their energy consumption and requirements to ensure their business energy plan meets their needs.

Updated: 7-18-16.