Texans Have the Power to Choose

It's been more than a decade since lawmakers passed legislation giving customers like you the opportunity to purchase electricity from a retail provider. More importantly, the power to choose your energy provider means you can shop for competitive rates and distinctive plan features.

Before energy choice, electricity customers didn't have the ability to choose an energy supplier. Now, the electricity market has two separate parts: supply and delivery. Retail electric companies are responsible for selling electricity plans at competitive rates, while local utilities remain responsible for power lines and making sure electricity reliably reaches homes and businesses.

Explore your Texas electricity options

With the power to choose an electricity provider, it's important to understand your energy needs and what type of supply plan is best for your needs.

In the end, the best way to improve your chances of finding a low supply rate is to compare energy rates from a number of retail electric companies.

Energy choice: Embrace your ability to choose Texas power

The power to choose your energy provider offers many benefits, such as flexibility during the shopping process. Everyone has different energy needs, but energy choice allows most people to find their ideal plans. Here are three of many perks to being able to choose your Texas electricity supply plan:

  1. Find a supply plan that matches both your budget and lifestyle so you can save on energy costs.
  2. Compare fixed- and variable-rate plans of a variety of contract lengths for a custom energy experience.
  3. Choose Texas electricity supply plans that include renewable energy to help offset your environmental impact.

Renewable energy reduces foreign oil dependence

If you follow the news, you have likely heard about concerns such as:

However, you may not know that Texas has the largest installed wind-power capacity in the United States. Renewable energy such as wind and solar helps reduce the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation and consumption.

Many retail Texas electricity companies purchase their renewable energy from local wind farms. By purchasing a local renewable energy product, you are helping support American jobs and decrease the country's dependence on foreign oil. Whether you choose to offset a small percentage or all of your electricity consumption, your commitment to renewable energy can make a difference.

Find a new plan with your power to choose

To maximize your chances of finding a plan that meets your needs and budget, you should compare energy rates from several electric companies To exercise your power to choose your energy, simply enter your ZIP code and view rates in your area today!

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Updated: 7-15-2016.